caribbean_blue_valley_pool_spaNewberry Pools and Spas carries Caribbean Blue® pool and spa chemical line.  From our gentle chemical blends to our easy-to-use formula, Caribbean Blue® keeps your pool and spa sparkling for less. You will see amazing results with little effort with our 4 step Forever Clear system, you’ll see amazing results with minimal effort!



With Caribbean Blue®, you can:

1. Sanitize: Keep your pool and spa water safe and bacteria-free with Forever Clear 3” Chlorine Tabs.
2. Oxidize: Forever Clear Pool Shock eliminates contaminants introduced by the environment and bathers, leaving your pool water clear and sparkling.
3. Prevent Algae: Keep murky water and algae growth at bay with Forever Clear Algaecide.
4. Enhance Water: Maintain crystal clear water, eliminate scum lines, and increase the efficiency of your pool filter with Enzyme Magic.